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Critical Illness?

Can you think of a friend or a family member who has become seriously ill, how about a friend of your parents? One in five of us will suffer a critical illness.

Most of us think that the good health we enjoy now will stay with us forever. Unfortunately, statistics suggest the odds are stacked against us. Statistics confirm that one in five males and one six females will suffer a serious medical complaint at some stage in their life.

What is a Critical Illness?

Each Assurance company provides comprehensive definitions of what they include as a Critical Illness. Please don’t confuse Critical Illness with Terminal Illness. Level Term Assurance and Mortgage Life Assurance includes Terminal Illness cover at no addition cost. If you have a Terminal Illness, this means that you will not recover from the illness and your doctor or consultant have confirmed that your lifespan can be counted in weeks or months rather than years. In these circumstances, your policy could pay our on diagnosis of your Terminal Illness.

With a Critical Illness, with ever advancing medical science, you have an ever improving chance of surviving a Critical Illness. Illness’s such as breast or testicular cancers are now curable in many cases but are still considered to be a Critical Illness.

Critical Illness Cover is designed to pay a capital sum or monthly income once you are diagnosed with a Critical Illness allowing you have financial peace of mind whilst focusing on getting back to full health.

We never forget the detail!

Our Consultants are qualified and trained to all aspects of Life Assurance. We will carefully review your personal circumstances now and your aspirations for the future.

We will make a recommendation that gives you the peace of mind and the security your family and loved ones need.

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